Your Car Engine Guide: What is Your Alternator?

The alternator is responsible for the electrical charge that moves through your engine and other electrical systems. Alternators are attached to the engine and move current through the engine, allowing your engine to continue running. As electric systems have advanced for cars in recent years, the alternator plays a bigger role in your car's electric efficiency.

Without an alternator or with a failing alternator, you likely will see a check engine light on your dash. This means that your car engine may suddenly shut off as it will not be able to hold a charge. Alternators typically last up to 12 years, so if you have a newer car with electrical problems, you could have a faulty alternator.

While an alternator is maintenance-free, you should get your alternator checked by a mechanic if you notice any issues. The service department at Seidel Hyundai offers high-end services at great prices, and it's located in Reading, PA for all of your alternator service needs.

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