What Does Your Tire Pressure Icon Mean?

The tire pressure indicators are in your vehicle to alert you when tire pressure is no longer in the recommended range. Here's a few reasons the indicator lights are on, from the Seidel Hyundai service team.

If you drove over a nail or some other obstruction that is still stuck in the tire, air is leaking and the pressure is dropping. Never remove the obstruction yourself because the tire could go flat immediately. Let the tire technicians remove the item and plug if the tire is still in good shape. Otherwise, you can find tires for sale at our Reading, PA dealership.

When the pressure rises or lowers by a few pounds, the indicators will go off. If the weather is too cold, the drop in temperatures can cause the pressure in the tire to drop and set off the indicator until the weather warms later in the day. The opposite occurs in extreme heat.

Low pressure in a tire can be dangerous. Visit the Seidel Hyundai service facility to get the concern diagnosed properly.

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