Are you shopping for an affordable new car for your teen or college student? Are you on a tight budget because you want to put extra money towards a house down payment, but you don't want to sacrifice vehicle quality? If either example sounds like you, visit us at Seidel Hyundai to test drive a Hyundai Accent!

The Hyundai Accent is the most affordable new Hyundai you can get, and even though the model is considered entry-level, you'll still find some exciting amenities. Keep reading to learn more.

Does the Hyundai Accent have a touchscreen?

Starting on the base trim, the Accent comes standard with a 5-inch touchscreen, which you won't find on a base-model Honda Civic. The top two Accent trims have a larger 7-inch screen, and you can connect to Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

Does the Hyundai Accent have leather?

To keep the costs affordable on the Accent, you won't find any leather upholstery. That said, the top trim has a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and you'll receive upgraded premium cloth seats that can be heated.

What are some of the convenience features on the Accent?

Starting at the middle trim, the Accent comes with automatic headlights. As long as the auto function is on, these'll ensure that you don't accidentally drain you Accent's battery by leaving your lights on.

What does the Accent have for safety?

Safe driving habits are the first line of defense when you're behind the wheel, but techy-savvy extras are nice to have as a backup. All Accent's come with a backup camera, and there's also Bluetooth so you can take calls while both hands are on the wheel. The advanced safety forward collision assist is standard on the top trim.

If you're ready to get an affordable yet surprisingly well-equipped sedan, stop in to test drive the Hyundai Accent.

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