The New Hyundai Kona: Designed for You

When you buy something brand new, what is the first thing that catches your interest? Typically, the design of the product is the first thing to draw attention. This attraction to design is especially relevant when it comes to new cars. Often the first thing to draw attention is the design and overall look of the car's exterior and interior. Fortunately, the new Hyundai Kona for sale at our Reading, PA dealership is specifically engineered to put stunning design at the forefront, making for a crossover that looks great on our showroom floor and even better in your garage.

The first way in which the Hyundai Kona shows incredibly stunning design is in the look of the exterior. The staff here at Seidel Hyundai is especially excited for buyers to know about the many colors that the car is available in. These colors include stunning options such as Surf Blue, Lime Twist, and Sunset Orange. Additionally, the Hyundai Kona offers five separate available trims, allowing buyers to choose their desired design. With this variety of paint schemes and trims, buyers can pick and choose the look that best suits them.

The second way in which the Hyundai Kona shows incredibly stunning design is in the look of the interior. The interior consists of available leather upholstery and available heated front seats to take off the chill during the early Reading, PA mornings. Furthermore, the interior technology used ensures that drivers can have the connection they need with minimal effort, promoting safety by ensuring that each driver's eyes can stay on the road.

The Hyundai Kona provides the design in both exterior and interior that you deserve. Each model is specifically designed to both look and feel outstanding while being driven around the greater Reading, PA area. With this car, you will not only be able to make a statement with the exterior of the vehicle, but also feel comfortable with the interior as well. With each element, the Hyundai Kona shows a design specifically engineered for you. Stop by Seidel Hyundai today to take one for a test drive.

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