Hyundai Pushes Ahead into The Future With the Hyundai Nexo

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By know you’ve probably heard a lot about what the next generation of driving is going to look like. Will it be powered by electricity? Will we even be driving ourselves anymore? What about those flying cars we were promised? Sorry, that last one isn’t likely anytime soon. But one option that is in the works is hydrogen fuel cell technology, and the Hyundai Nexo is the Korean brand’s first foray into the world of hydrogen powered vehicles.

The Nexo is the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell SUV, but that has more to do with timing than anything relating to the fuel cell itself. This technology has been in development for years, but now it is becoming viable enough to become a consumer product, albeit only in California for the time being. But what makes hydrogen fuel cells a good alternative to fossil fuels or even EVs? Well, read on to find out.

Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

To speak about the benefits of this technology is to also call attention to the drawbacks of EVs that are currently dominating the next-generation transportation conversation. For starters, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can be filled up just like your gas vehicle, and it takes just a few minutes. That pales in comparison to even the 40-minute fast charge times of some electric vehicles, meaning that hydrogen fuel cells deliver a convenience that is unmatched.

But when you blend that convenience with a completely emission-free driving experience, and you’ve got a fuel concept that could take us well into the future. The only byproduct of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is water, meaning that no fossil fuels are required at any point. Not all EVs can say that, as they often rely on local powerplants that burn coal to create electricity. Finally, the Hyundai Nexo gets up to 380 miles per fill up, putting it on par with most modern gasoline engines. In short, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle delivers the same driving experience that you and I are already familiar with, but without any of the emissions that can harm the environment.

The Hyundai Nexo is currently only available in the California market, but we hope to see this advanced fuel cell technology roll out to more vehicles in the Hyundai lineup here in Reading, PA soon!

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