If You Love Versatility, Come Check It the Hyundai Kona at Seidel Hyundai


If versatility is something you search for in a vehicle, you will not be disappointed in what the new Hyundai Kona at Seidel Hyundai in Reading, PA has to offer you.



The new Hyundai Kona here at Seidel Hyundai in Reading, PA comes with several beneficial technology features that you and your family will come to appreciate. One feature that we feel that you will love is the head-up display which projects specific information about your vehicle onto the windshield in front of you. As for connectivity, you will easily be able to access certain apps with ease like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Both of which can greatly benefit your driving experience, especially on road trips.

Safety Features

Blind-Spot Collision Warning- Blind-spot collision warning will send you audible and visual warnings if it detects another vehicle approaching your blind area while you are turning onto another road or while you are changing lanes on the highway.

Driver Attention Warning- This safety feature is a great way to eliminate distracted driving by alerting you the second it detects that you are drowsy or distracted while behind the wheel.

Lane-Keep- Lane-keep assist will help keep you and your passengers safe by alerting you the moment your Kona starts to veer out of its lane.


One feature that our customers tend to notice first with versatility is the amazing account of cargo space there is at the back of your vehicle. Not only does it give you the space you need to store your items, but you will have enough room to make sure it is all organized properly without items flying through the vehicle while you are braking or turning onto another road in Reading, PA.

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