Hyundai Santa Fe vs. Honda Pilot SUV Comparison

Hyundai Santa Fe (left) vs. Honda Pilot (right)

Hyundai Santa Fe vs. Honda Pilot: How Two Midsize SUVs Measure Up

If you are looking for an affordable, midsize SUV that is rich in traditional aspects yet open to modern amenities, look no further than the Hyundai Santa Fe or the Honda Pilot. These two SUVs are similar in many aspects that consumers find appealing but different enough to provide a refreshing take on family-friendly vehicle models. When deciding if the Hyundai Santa Fe or the Honda Pilot is the best choice for you, it is important to consider their major differences and how these will affect your expectations in a new Reading vehicle purchase.

Feature Differentiation

Despite being classified in the same vehicle category, the strengths, and weaknesses of the Hyundai Santa Fe vs. Honda Pilot could not be more different while the Hyundai Santa Fe prides itself on power development under the hood and creating a tech-savvy environment, the Honda Pilot gains Reading notoriety from its comfortable interior and user-friendly attributes.


One of the best ways to compare the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Honda Pilot is to take a look at the engine setup that both of these vehicles have to offer. These SUVs offer similar engines, with the Hyundai Santa Fe using a 3.3L V6 and the Honda Pilot using a 3.5L V6. Both boasting automatic transmissions with overdrive; these vehicles differ in their drivetrain. While the Hyundai Santa Fe is a front-wheel drive, the Honda Pilot is an all-wheel drive. As a result, the Hyundai Santa Fe can produce more horsepower. Coming in at 290 hp, the Hyundai Santa Fe tops the comparable 280 hp of the Honda Pilot.

New Hyundai Santa Fe
New Hyundai Santa Fe


Safety features are another dimension in which the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Honda Pilot can be compared. Both of these vehicles feature a suite of airbags throughout the vehicle that comes standard. Though the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Honda Pilot both include brake assist, child safety locks and traction control, the Santa Fe features more optional safety features such as cross traffic alerts, lane departure warnings and integrated turn signal mirrors.

Opposing Technology

These vehicles have each done their best to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of automotive technology. While they have excelled in some areas, they have simultaneously fallen short in others. The Hyundai Santa Fe offers a wider variety of tech features that come standard, while the Honda Pilot's lineup is not as impressive, and many are optional, at best. A major downfall of the Honda Pilot is its confusing controls for tech-related features.

Optional and Standard Technology Features

Many technology features are relevant in the design of both the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Honda Pilot. Both of these SUVs feature keyless entry, a back-up camera, cruise control, and power door locks, among many other amenities. The Hyundai Santa Fe goes above and beyond in the technology that it offers apart from those of the Honda Pilot. These optional features include a power liftgate, hands-free liftgate, heated mirrors, and remote trunk release.

Size Variations

Not every midsize SUV inhibits the same spatial development, configuration potential, or seating capacity. This is proven true in the comparison of the Hyundai Santa Fe vs. the Honda Pilot. In general, the Honda Pilot is a larger vehicle that can seat more people. While the Pilot can seat up to eight passengers, the Hyundai Santa Fe seats up to seven passengers. Due to its size, the Honda Pilot has more headroom and legroom than the Santa Fe. However, it is important to keep in mind that bigger does not always mean better.


The Hyundai Santa Fe is far more capable of towing substantial loads and hauling cargo than the Honda Pilot, which is a massive trade-off for size. While the Honda Pilot can pull just 1,500 lbs, the Hyundai Santa Fe can easily tow up to 5,000 lbs. Seidel Hyundai believes this achievement allows the Hyundai Santa Fe to transport both passengers and cargo efficiently comfortably around Reading.

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